Setting Sail on the EAC


On August 30, 2016 a multi-university team will be loading the Australian R/V Investigator to set sail for 3 weeks on a journey from Sydney to Brisbane.  This 93.9 meter long ship (308 ft!) has room for about 40 scientists and state of the art equipment to sample atmospheric conditions, water column, and the underlying sediment.  On this trip, a combination of geologists, biologists, and chemists will use this time at sea to collect water and sediment samples for a variety of goals.  To learn more about the R/V Investigator, check out the CSIRO page here. For a post on reconstructing sediment records from drill cores (and a great map of the ocean currents around Australia) check out this 2015 article in The Conversation.

Stay tuned for updates as we prepare and set sail!