I’m a biogeochemist at Oregon State University completing my doctoral degree in oceanography.  I am broadly interested in using modern day geochemical observations to further our knowledge on modern processes and their implications for paleoclimate studies. There is often a disconnect between the understanding of a proxy from a paleoclimate standpoint, and the modern day views on the same proxy. For instance, with neodymium there is a confidence in the paleoclimate community on the ability of neodymium isotopes to record ocean circulation but in terms of modern processes, it is still unknown where 95% of the neodymium in the ocean originates.   I am currently focused on the interaction of the sediment and water via pore water.   Specifically, I am studying the sediments as a benthic source of rare earth elements to the bottom waters and how this source can influence the neodymium isotopic signature.

see my C/V here:   C/V

visit my Keck Lab profile here: http://wmkeck-icpms.coas.oregonstate.edu/people/april-abbott

access my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/pub/april-abbott/12/548/b00

or see press releases on some of my past projects:



or my most recent publication here (*note* this does require a journal subscription)



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