Mobilization: Final preparations

Today we loaded the pallets in anticipation of mobilization beginning tomorrow.  The R/V Investigator, our home for the next 3 weeks, arrived in Sydney Harbour this morning following its transit cruise from Hobart.  Tomorrow we will finish wrapping the pallets, load them onto a truck, and transport them along with some loose additional gear down to the wharf.  Everything’s falling into place: we have our bunk assignments, the gear is (almost) all in one place, deliveries have arrived on the wharf, and the boat is nearby!pallet.JPG

The process of packing a pallet is largely like a game of tetris, but in 3D- and with considerations of weight!  Have to have the heavy items at the bottom, even if they are slightly odd shaped.

While at the time it may feel monotonous, labelling in the end saves a lot of time.  There are a lot of boxes on board- most of which are heavily taped or zip tied shut.  At bare minimum, your name better be on the box.  But knowing which one contains the utility knife to get you into all the other boxes much quicker is important!  Labelling is even more essential since the Investigator is berthed on military grounds- declaration of all goods is essential!  Also a good double (triple?) check that everything makes it on board!  No pictures allowed at port but hopefully I will be able to provide updates from sea- if not, expect several upon our return!


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